"Licitars" - Beautiful Heart Shaped Favours


Licitars are an ornamental gift often given at celebrations of love such as weddings, St. Valentines day, birthdays or to anyone to show how much you are thinking about them. What's more this tiny gift is completely eco-friendly!


The tradition of making and giving Licitars is very old, stretching as far back as the 14th Century. Licitar makers, known as "Medicari", were highly regarded in society, and their Licitars very much sort after (licitars were more sentimental then giving a bouquet of roses!). Even today their tradition of kept alive by a select few who covet the art in family secrecy, and their methods of production has scarcely changed! One Licitar still takes over a month to make!


Licitars are made using traditional ingredients, methods and devotion. Their ingredients are simple (honey, flour, eggs, water and natural colours) but their preparation is long. The dough matures for a few days, then is shaped and baked, and left for two weeks to dry. Colouring is the next step after which its left to dry again for two weeks. Once dry the licitars are finally decorated and again left to dry for a week.  Every individual drawing, every flower, every mirror, every decorative item is all done by hand; in fact Licitars are all made completely by hand, are 100% eco-friendly produced and edible as only natural edible colours and honey dough are used.


Little Heart is proud to offer this unique Croatian Tradition of Licitars to the world, and specifically to you. These beautiful little hearts can be bought as souvenirs, or bought and personalised in batches for celebrations like weddings. Many of our wedding couples purchase a single Licitar or box of Liciitars for each guest, have their initials and year of marriage drawn on the reverse, and a message of thanks printed on their labels. This can all be arranged from home and delivered either directly to you or to your hotel or restaurant ready of your wedding dinner.



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